Pinterest Worthy Holiday Eats

We all love to get festive around this time of year but I like to do it with a healthy twist! I shared Pinterest Worthy Holiday Eats on Breakfast Television on December 3 at 7:40 am.

Watch the segment here or watch a teaser on my Instagram Stories in the media highlight.

Pinterest Worthy Holiday Eats on Breakfast Television with @jesselwellness

Pinterest Worthy Holiday Eats

Holiday Chocolate Bark

It is super quick and easy to make your own bark. You can play around with the toppings – I like to add orange zest, pistachios, and cranberries. Holiday bark is also a great source of energy-boosting healthy fats.

Get the recipe here.

Holiday Bark Pinterest Worthy Holiday Eats on Breakfast Television with @jesselwellness

Strawberry Santas

A sweet treat that is healthy and cute at the same time. Strawberries are a good source of vitamin C, which keeps your immune system strong. No one wants to be sick over the holidays. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium which helps maintain healthy blood pressure, which we all know can rise around the holidays.

Real Food Gingerbread Men

Real Food Gingerbread Men are sweetened with dates and blackstrap molasses so they won’t spike your blood sugar. sugar. Your kids won’t think of them as a healthy alternative, as they still look like a “treat” and a respectable Gingerbread Man.

Get the recipe in my cookbook Healthy Dairy Free Desserts.

Egg Snowmen Pinterest Worthy Holiday Eats on Breakfast Television with @jesselwellness

Egg Snow Men

These little guys are almost too cute to eat. They are filled with energy-boosting protein and B vitamins to fuel your holiday shopping.

Egg Snow Men are really easy to make. Start by hard boiling small and extra large eggs. Cut the ends off the extra large eggs and cut the pointy ends off the small eggs. Stack the small egg on top of the extra large egg and secure with a wood skewer. Use peppercorns to make buttons, eyes and a smile. Use a small sliver of carrot to make the nose and pretzels for the arms.

Cucumber Christmas Tree - Pinterest Worthy Holiday Eats on Breakfast Television with @jesselwellness

Cucumber Christmas Trees

Cucumber Christmas Trees are a little more work to assemble but the final result is well worth the effort. Cucumbers are super hydrating which helps during the holidays when we often forget to drink water and enjoy dehydrating cocktails.

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  1. Rita Hall on December 3, 2018 at 7:53 am

    Could I get the recipe for the holiday chocolate bark. It looks so easy. Can’t find it on your website.

    Thank you


    • Jesse Lane Lee, CNP on December 3, 2018 at 2:12 pm

      Hi Rita,

      It is super easy, that is why I love it! I’m actually sharing the full recipe on December 17th. I have a similar recipe you can try while you wait. Check out my Candy Cane Bark.

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