No-Waste Winter Meal Plan

Eat clean this holiday season with my No-Waste Winter Meal Plan. Everything, with the exception of your pantry staples, gets used by the end of the week. This meal plan is also energizing and high in protein to fuel holiday shopping.

Get the no-waste winter meal plan in the November/December issue of Clean Eating Magazine.

Recipes include:

No Waste Winter Meal Plan

I’m so excited to announce that I have partnered with Clean Eating Academy to bring you a new course called “Eat Clean for Energy”. The foods you eat—how often and how much—and the macro and micronutrients within those foods directly correlate to the amount of energy that’s available to you. From healthy fats to adaptogens, essential vitamins and balancing blood sugar levels, I break it down and shows which foods zap energy and which foods make it soar.

In this 7-week course, you will learn:

  • How to zero in on what’s slumping your energy
  • Foods that charge…and foods that drain
  • Recipes and cooking techniques to boost and build energy levels that last
  • How many carbs, protein and fat you should eat daily for your weight and energy goals
  • How intermittent fasting can contribute to soaring energy and mental clarity
  • To snack or not to snack?
  • How blood sugar and the glycemic index works
  • Structuring meals that balance blood sugar throughout the day
  • Incorporating adaptogens to balance adrenal fatigue and thyroid dysfunction
  • The powerful benefits of medicinal mushrooms
  • The importance of hydration for energy and ATP production
  • Understanding healthy vs. unhealthy fats
  • The power of probiotics, enzymes and fermented foods
  • Determining food allergies
  • Principles for building a healthy lifestyle including healthy sleep, stress and exercise

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