I'm super enthusiastic about healthy eating and love showing you how healthy eating can be fun, easy, and most of all delicious, because who wants to eat rabbit food!? 
Holistic Skincare for the Summer with GoodnessMe and @jesselwellness #skincare

Holistic Skin Care for the Summer

By Jesse Lane Lee, CNP | June 4, 2018

The summer months can take a toll on our skin. From spending time outside in the sun to being exposed to all of the environmental toxins that hangout in smog. I change up my holistic skincare for summer to purify my skin and protect it from the harsh summer sun. My summer holistic skin care…

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Building a Beautiful Smoothie Bowl on CH Morning Live #smoothiebowl

Building a beautiful smoothie bowl without a blender

By Jesse Lane Lee, CNP | May 14, 2018

Because smoothie bowls are all over Instagram right now, I’m building a beautiful smoothie bowl without a blender on CH Morning Live. During the segment, the host and I both make our own personalized beautiful smoothie bowl without a blender. In this segment, I use two products I love Evive Smoothie Cubes and Hungry Buddha Coconut Jerky and Chips.

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Healthy Convenient Snack with @jesselwellness on Global TV

Healthy Convenient Snack Recipes on The Morning Show

By Jesse Lane Lee, CNP | May 7, 2018

So many of my clients struggle with healthy snacking and usually end up eating granola bars that are high in sugar or grabbing fast food. Healthy snacking doesn’t have to be inconvenient. On my segment on The Morning Show, I share 3 easy and healthy convenient snack recipes for both adults and kids.

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My cookbooks are packed with practical healthy eating tips and lots of yummy recipes that are not on my website. I always use whole food ingredients that promote health and wellness. 

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