I'm super enthusiastic about healthy eating and love showing you how healthy eating can be fun, easy, and most of all delicious, because who wants to eat rabbit food!? 
My Heart Beets for You on Breakfast Television #bttoronto

My Heart Beets For You

By Jesse Lane Lee, CNP | February 13, 2019

Valentines Day is one of my favourite holidays because it celebrates my favourite colour, pink! Instead of sharing a bunch of chocolate recipes, this year I decided to embrace my love of all things pink and share recipes that use vibrant beets. As an added bonus, beets contain anti-inflammatory compounds that have been studied within the…

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Benefits of MCT Oil by Jesse Lane Lee

Health benefits of MCT oil and why you should try it out

By Jesse Lane Lee, CNP | February 11, 2019

In this post I want to explain the awesome health benefits of MCT oil because it is a really popular supplement right now. You often see people adding it to smoothies, coffee, and drinking it straight of the bottle!

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Is the Keto Diet Just Another Fad? on @jesselwellness

Is the Keto Diet Just Another Fad?

By Jesse Lane Lee, CNP | February 8, 2019

Since you enjoyed my last post on the Keto Diet so much, I am sharing another sponsored guest post that answers the question: Is the Keto Diet Just Another Fad. 

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