Delicious Olive Oil Recipes

CH Morning Live Delicious Olive Oil Recipes with @jesselwellness

Olive oil is an incredible oil that is bursting with health benefits and has a delicious flavour. It has antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties and can boost your energy levels. I’m so excited to share delicious olive oil recipe on CH Morning Live November 15, 2020 at 7:50 AM.

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Natural Labour Preparation

My Birth Story by @jesselwellness #activelabour #pregnant

My first labour was 65 hours, so I’m doing lots of research on natural labour preparation this time around to make my second labour experience more comfortable. I was doing this research for myself but thought you might be interested in my findings so I decided to share it with you. I hope you find…

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Meals and snacks to effectively manage arthritis pain


Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints and it is something that is super common as we age. Many people turn to drugs to manage arthritis pain, however, there is so much we can do with our daily meals and snacks to effectively manage arthritis pain!

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Natural ways to feel beautiful inside and out during pregnancy

Natural ways to feel beautiful inside and out during pregnancy little tree wellness products

Your body is going through so many changes when you are pregnant, it can be overwhelming! Even though you are probably putting your baby first, it is important to do a few self-care activities for yourself so you can feel beautiful inside and out during the pregnancy. Doing something for yourself can help boost your…

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Supplements you can use in your kitchen

Supplements you can use in your kitchen - iHerb

Instead of taking supplements, I like to incorporate them into my cooking as much as possible. In this post, I’m talking all about supplements you can use in your kitchen (and a few extras) to keep you healthy this spring. This post is sponsored by iHerb.

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Why Everyone is Obsessed with Collagen on Global TV

Why everyone is obsessed with collagen - The Morning Show Deep Marine

Everyone is obsessed with collagen right now! During my segment in The Morning Show on March 14 at 9:20, I explain what collagen is, explain the health benefits of collagen, and show you how to easily incorporate DeepMarine collagen into your morning. Watch the segment here.

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Anti-inflammatory Recipes on CH Morning Live

CH Morning Live DeepMarine segment anti-inflammatory recipes

As we age and our ability to produce collagen declines and our joints become stiff and painful. We often forget that food can have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the pain associated with arthritis.  I shared anti-inflammatory recipes using DeepMarine Collagen on CH Morning Live on March 5, watch the segment here.

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Why you should be taking fish oil

Why you should be taking Fish Oil by @jesselwellness #fishoil

I’m all about eating a whole foods diet and getting our nourishment from food, but many of us don’t eat enough oily fish to get enough Omega-3s. The fish oil from oily fish contains two very important Omega-3s: EPA and DHA. 

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3 Health Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

3 Health Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils by @jesselwellness

I have always been a big fan of essential oils! I love how they add scent naturally to homemade beauty products, can be applied topically to help with a variety of health issues, and how well they work to clean my home. Recently, I got into diffusing essential oils with an ultrasonic diffuser and now I’m hooked!…

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Holistic Skin Care for the Summer

Holistic Skincare for the Summer with GoodnessMe and @jesselwellness #skincare

The summer months can take a toll on our skin. Time spent outside in the sun and exposure to environmental toxins that hang out in the smog make protecting our skin even more critical. 

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Building a beautiful smoothie bowl without a blender

Building a Beautiful Smoothie Bowl on CH Morning Live #smoothiebowl

Because smoothie bowls are all over Instagram right now, I’m building a beautiful smoothie bowl without a blender on CH Morning Live. During the segment, the host and I both make our own personalized beautiful smoothie bowl without a blender. In this segment, I use two products I love Evive Smoothie Cubes and Hungry Buddha Coconut Jerky and Chips.

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Healthy Convenient Snack Recipes on The Morning Show

Healthy Convenient Snack with @jesselwellness on Global TV

So many of my clients struggle with healthy snacking and usually end up eating granola bars that are high in sugar or grabbing fast food. Healthy snacking doesn’t have to be inconvenient. On my segment on The Morning Show, I share 3 easy and healthy convenient snack recipes for both adults and kids.

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