Healthy Holiday Desserts

Healthy Holiday Desserts is a free eBook I created as my holiday gift to you!

It contains eight festive holiday recipes that you can enjoy guilt-free. These healthy holiday desserts are the perfect recipes to help spread holiday cheer without spreading diabetes.

All of the recipes are free from refined sugar and most of them are gluten-free and dairy-free. Your family and friends will love them and will never guess they are healthy.

It also contains easy and practical tips that will help you stay trim this holiday season.

Download it here.

Healthy Holiday Desserts by @jesselwellness #holiday #holidaydesserts

Healthy Holiday Desserts Recipes

  • Chocolate Peppermint Cookies
  • Spelt Sugar Cookies
  • Chocolate Avocado Pudding
  • Candy Cane Black Bean Brownies
  • Black Forest Brownies
  • Holiday Candy Cane Blondies
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles
  • Candy Cane Carob Bark

Healthy Holiday Desserts Blondies by @jesselwellness #holidays #holidaybaking #holidaydessert

Recipes for everyone!

I love to get creative in the kitchen and share holistically delicious recipes that accommodate a wide variety of food allergies, diets and lifestyle choices.

Healthy Holiday Desserts contains 8 festive recipes that are all refined sugar-free!

  • 6 of the recipes are gluten-free
  • 6 of the recipes are dairy-free
  • 4 of the recipes are vegan
  • 3 of the recipes are nut-free

Download it here.

Healthy Holiday Desserts by @jesselwellness #holidayrecipes #christmas

To make healthy holiday desserts healthy I do 3 things

I add protein, fibre and use natural sugar substitutes to make holiday desserts healthier.

Protein makes desserts more nutrient dense and filling. When a dessert is high in protein it will make you feel full faster. You are much less likely to eat a whole tray of candy cane black bean brownies because you will be too full.

Fibre slows the digestion of the food along with the release of the sugar into your bloodstream. When you eat regular candy cane bark, for example, it gets digested really quickly and you get a sugar high followed by a slump. This is because your blood sugar levels spike. When you eat desserts high in fibre the sugar is slowly released into your bloodstream so you avoid the sugar high and slump.

Natural sugar substitutes contain more nutrients than regular sugar. Regular sugar is pretty much an anti-nutrient. The desserts in Healthy Holiday Desserts use dates, coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey, and stevia as sweeteners.

Healthy Holiday Desserts by @jesselwellness #Christmas #Chanukah #Hanukkah

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