I’m all about eating for energy, but sometimes our before-bed rituals need to be changed to optimize our sleep so we wake up refreshed. Check out this guest post on before-bed rituals to try.

It happens once in a while – you toss and turn all night and decide to take some sleeping pills. But then you wake up feeling groggy and unrested. When this is the case every morning, you need to toss those pills and find alternative ways to ease yourself into a tranquil state of mind.

Pills can solve your sleeplessness for a few nights, but they don’t help you get back into a more normal sleep-and-wake cycle. Relying on sleeping pills can cause a host of problems and may make you feel worse in the long run.

If you’re opposed to sleeping pills, try natural options like CBD sleep oil paired with these before-bed rituals instead.

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Use Soporific Teas

You may have never heard of this particular technique, but it’s worth a try if it can keep you away from pharmaceuticals. If you’re concerned about the sleep-wake cycle and sleeping pills, teas or CBD tinctures may be excellent substitutions.  

Bananas contain magnesium, which can help you get to sleep. But you don’t have to eat a whole bunch of bananas every night to get a good night’s sleep. You can sip some banana tea instead.

It’s relatively easy to make banana tea: All you need to do is boil some water and buy a banana. Wash an organic banana and leave the fruit in and skin on while you boil water. Cut off the tip and the stem and then slice the fruit in half. Soak both halves of the banana in boiling water for three to four minutes and sweeten with honey.

Lower the Temperature

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to get to sleep in an overheated bedroom. Twisted sheets, sweaty bedclothes and overheated skin are not conducive to deep REM sleep.

Try lowering the temperature in your bedroom a few degrees. Not enough to make it frigid, but sufficient to make you appreciative of your down comforter. Set your thermostat for between 60°F and 70°F for optimal sleeping temps.

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Stay Away from Your Bedroom

Experts state to stay out of your boudoir until you’re ready to pack it in for the evening. To ensure your mind does not associate your bedroom with anything stressful, avoid staying in your bedroom until you want to power down for the day.

If you only use your bed for sleeping or other relaxing endeavours, like meditation, your brain will automatically relax when you’re in that space. You can help this tranquil state deepen with self-relaxation techniques.

Try Self-Relaxation Techniques

Some people believe you can think yourself to a better night’s sleep. Using a type of self-hypnosis known as autogenic training, you can will your muscles, one by one, to slowly relax, sinking you into a peaceful state from which it’s easy to drift off to sleep.

Other folks who struggle with falling to sleep swear by counting sheep. Counting by threes (or any multiple sequences) to a hundred and back is another way to lull your brain with a rhythmic, gently paced incantation.

Any type of activity that helps you relax is optimal for your sleeping habits, which is why you should make yoga and meditation your New Year’s resolution.

Use Soothing Lotions

There are some tinctures and oils you take internally and then there are those you can rub onto the outside of your body. The pleasant scent can double as aromatherapy.

In Ayurvedic medicine, anointing patients with oil is commonplace. It’s a soothing practise often coupled with meditation or other relaxing rituals. If you couple this idea with a bath or shower, you won’t have to go to bed feeling oily.

Traditionally, Ayurvedic practitioners used Brahmi oil to drip slowly onto the forehead of their patients. For home use, anoint your feet, the top of your head and the backs of your ears before drifting off, using sesame oil for winter and coconut oil for summer. Spray lavender essential oil onto your pillow to help lull you into a deeper sleep.

Try CBD Oil

If you’ve been having trouble getting a full night’s rest, you may want to try some CBD oil for sleep. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in the industrial hemp plant. It is not a psychoactive compound, so it won’t alter your mindset.

CBD oil can help maintain homeostasis in the body by interacting with your ECS or endocannabinoid system. This leads to deeper calm periods and more restful slumber. Using a CBD tincture for sleep may be just what you need to help you let go of some of those stressors and ease into a productive REM cycle.

Blow Some Bubbles

Although this tip may seem silly, it has some good science behind it. Making the “O” shape with your mouth and taking long deep breaths can be conducive to falling asleep. Much like the deep breathing used in yoga or meditation, this activity helps relax your body and mind.

The whimsical nature of bubble-blowing may help your mind let go of more stressful, pressing thoughts. It’s hard to fret about work when trying to blow a giant bubble.

Turn Your Alarm Clock to the Wall

Nothing sets the stage for a sleepless night than watching the minutes tick away as you stare at your clock. Some sleep experts say the quality of LED light from your alarm clock can interfere with your brain’s melatonin production. Turn your digital alarm clock to the wall so you can fall asleep without staring at the time.

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The Takeaway

If you have trouble sleeping and don’t want to rely solely on pharmaceutical solutions, there are some interesting before-bed rituals you can adopt that can help you ease into a tranquil state of mind.

Insomnia or related afflictions like sleep disturbances are commonplace, especially when stress levels run high. But sleeping pills may cause you to be groggy in the morning, which is a terrible tradeoff.

However, you don’t have to rely on these types of solutions because there are better aids to combat sleeplessness. With tools like CBD oil for sleep and self-relaxation methods, you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

This post on Before-Bed Rituals is a guest post. If you are interested in contributing to JesseLaneWellness.com please email info@jesselanewellness.com

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