4 Rules of Successfully Juggling Work, Family, and Personal Growth

With my family growing, I’m always looking for ways to find some sort of balance between work, family, and personal growth. All three things are important to me and it is so easy to let work and family take over and forget about personal growth and exercise. Today I’m happy to share a guest post that gives you 4 Rules of Successfully Juggling Work, Family, and Personal Growth.

4 Rules of Successfully Juggling Work, Family, and Personal Growth.

When you’ve got a busy life, it can be easy to think that you don’t have time to work on the things you’d like to do by way of personal growth. Whether you want to study for a qualification online, get in shape, learn a new skill, or get better at something you are really interested in, finding time to truly dedicate to your own interests and growth can seem incredibly hard when you have your family and job taking up a lot of your time and mental focus.

Here are some rules to live by that can help you ensure you get to work on your own stuff without dropping the ball in other areas of your life!

Let Technology Help You

Technology is your best friend when it comes to saving time, and the more you let it take some of your burdens off your hands, the more you’ll be able to make room in your life for your interests. Use productivity apps that can help you optimize the free time that you do have to devote to self-improvement, and use ways to track your progress too, such as smartwatches for fitness and gamification programs for things like studying and learning.

You can also allow technology to help you ensure that your family are being well taken care of, for instance, getting a medical alert device for elderly parents or grandparents you are taking care of. This not only gives them more independence of their own, but it also means you can have peace of mind when you’re not with them. The Medical Alert Buyer’s Guide has some useful information, and they review several of them here.

Audit How You Spend Your Time

Most of us have a lot more free time than we think – we just don’t recognize it as such. Even when you are really busy, you will be spending some of your time just waiting for things or people, and this time can be put to good use once you know it is there. This is another way you can use technology to help you. Having something related to your self-improvement goals that you can read, watch or listen to queued up on your phone means you can make something useful out of time that would normally be ‘dead time’, such as when you’re waiting for the kids outside school, waiting for your bus to arrive, or waiting for your food to cook.


Multitasking is the best way to get the most out of your time, but it can be harder for some people than others. However, even if you find you need to focus a lot on one thing at a time, you can employ some multitasking to help you achieve more. For example, if you are learning a new language and want to listen to a recorded speech exercise, you can do this with headphones while going for a walk, thereby improving your fitness as well as getting that task done. If you have to call your mom to make sure she’s okay, you can also do some exercise or some housework while you are on the phone. Always think about whether you can kill two birds with one stone.

Get Your Family on Board!

Personal growth doesn’t have to be an isolated thing. If you can get your family interested in the thing you are working on, then you can do related things together. If they don’t want to start learning the same things as you or following your diet and exercise plan, then you should still try and make sure they are aware of and enthusiastic about your goals, so they will do what they can to help you. Having support can make a world of difference when it comes to achieving what you want to!

These four rules can really help you to use your time better, and so why not try including them in your life today?

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