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I really enjoy interacting with like-minded people who are as passionate about food and holistic health as I am.

A really fun way to do this is through social media.

I actually spend a lot of time connecting with my followers on social media and I would love to connect with you!

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Follow @jesselwellness on Instagram #instagramFollow me on Instagram to be inspired by my daily healthy food pics.

I love food photography and Instagram is my outlet for all of the pretty foodie shots I take.

I also LOVE seeing your pictures and responding to comments, tag @jesselwellness so I don’t miss them!

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Subscribe to the Jesse Lane Wellness YouTube Channel @jesselwellness #youtubeSubscribe to my YouTube Channel for engaging and enthusiastic weekly videos.

As a holistic nutritionist, my goal is the teach you that healthy eating can be fun, easy and most of all delicious. The best way to do this is through videos!

I also include funny outtakes of me messing up and doing silly things in the kitchen.

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Like Jesse Lane Wellness on Facebook @jesselwellness #facebookLike my Facebook page to get daily links to holistically delicious recipes and healthy living tips.

I also LOVE facebook live!

I go live at least once a week which is awesome because you have the opportunity to ask me all of your health & wellness questions!

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Follow @jesselwellness on Twitter #twitterFollow me on Twitter to stay up to date on all of my media appearances.

I have had the pleasure of appearing as a guest expert nationally on CTV, and locally on City TV, The Morning Show, Breakfast Television and CH Morning Live.

Twitter is the best place to go to watch the segment replays.

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Add me on Snapchat to get a peek behind the scenes at my everyday life.

From making healthy meals and playing with my dog to sharing insider health tips & tricks, you will love my snaps.

I also don’t wear makeup very often and live in my sweats so you get to see the raw unpolished me!

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