Amoda Monthly Tea Box Review

I am a huge tea lover so I was thrilled when my thoughtful husband gifted me with a 6-month subscription to the Amoda Monthly Tea Box. I had so much fun receiving new teas every month that when my subscription ended I reached out to the awesome people at Amoda so I could keep the tea party going.

Drinking tea in the morning is part of my morning routine. With a baby on the way, I’m trying to make the most of my relaxing “me time mornings” while I can. The first thing I do in the morning is drink a pint of water. After that, I eat breakfast and make my morning pot of tea using tea from my Amoda monthly tea box. I drink one cup of tea while reading or watching Netflix (currently addicted to Nashville) and pour another in my travel mug to sip while I walk my dog.

Amoda Monthly Tea Box Review with @jesselwellness #tea #teatime

How the Amoda Monthly Tea Box Works

Every month I get a pretty Amoda Monthly Tea Box in the mail that contains 4 premium teas. I like to drink my tea pretty weak so I get about 20 cups of tea from every box. This is perfect because it lasts me about a month! The tea is loose leaf so I also get biodegradable tea filters. The boxes also include tasting notes for each tea. I like to read after the first sip so I can make my own conclusions first.
Whenever I try a tea that I really like I save the packaging so I can order it in larger quantities.
Amoda Monthly Tea Box Review with @jesselwellness #tealove #teatime

My favourite part about the teas curated by Amoda is that they are organic with no fillers or artificial flavouring. You would be surprised how many teas, even the organic ones, use artificial or natural flavouring. The dried herbs, fruit, and tea leaves are so flavourful there really is no need to add anything extra.

The Amoda Monthly Tea Box is the gift that keeps on giving month after month! I really enjoy getting new and exciting teas every month. It is a little surprise gift in my mailbox every month.

Amoda Monthly Tea Box Review with @jesselwellness #tealover #tea

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