Second trimester pregnancy experience with baby number two

My second trimester pregnancy experience with baby number two was incredible! I feel like since my body knew what to do everything flowed and nothing hurt.

I was able to refer to my book Healthy Holistic Pregnancy whenever something uncomfortable did come up so I could relieve it quickly. I honestly found myself wishing that the second trimester would never end.


Second trimester bump

My bump got big really quickly, so it was so nice not having to try to hide it anymore. My very fashionable friend lent me a ton of her maternity clothes. I had so much fun dressing my growing bump. I made a point of not buying any maternity clothes this pregnancy. You probably saw me on Instagram wearing the same 5 dresses over and over all summer long.

Favourite things about my second trimester

The best part of my second trimester pregnancy was feeling like myself again. I was back to my regular joyful self and I wasn’t tired all the time.

I also started feeling my baby kick which is hands down my favourite thing about being pregnant. Before getting pregnant I thought it would be so alien and weird, but it feels so natural. It is also super reassuring because you know your baby is healthy and having fun in there. This is one active baby and I love it so much!


Second trimester exercise

I was able to get back into my regular yoga routine during the second trimester. I always aim to go to yoga twice a week. Some weeks I only made it once and I’m OK with that. I continued to do regular yoga classes and made the modifications I needed to. I have a whole section in my book Healthy Holistic Pregnancy that explains which positions to avoid during each trimester of pregnancy.

I continued walking for about 2 hours a day. Having a dog is such a great way to make sure you actually get outside every day! My husband and I used to take turns walking our dog but recently we have been doing the walks as a family. It is such a nice time to chat! Usually, we walk for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. This summer was SUPER hot so the afternoon walks were a bit shorter. I didn’t get the puffiness or edema I had when I was pregnant with my son and I think it is partially due to all of the yoga and walking.

Second trimester pregnancy cravings

I had so many cravings during the second trimester!!!

  • Berries
  • Peaches
  • Citrus
  • Freezies and popsicles
  • Ice-cream
  • Coconut yogurt with trail mix
  • Lemonade
  • Pizza (when do I not crave pizza…)
  • Cupcakes (always)

I really craved caffeinated tea like match and earl grey. You can drink caffeine during pregnancy (200mg/day) but I find that it makes me nauseous. The nausea from the first trimester was long gone, I still felt nauseous whenever I had any caffeinated drinks. I don’t like to drink decaffeinated tea because usually, the decaffeination process uses harsh chemicals. That being said, I did enjoy decaf lattes as a special treat from time to time.

I also really craved alcohol during the second trimester. I’m not a huge drinker anymore (I am a former party girl haha). I do like to enjoy a cold cider on the porch or a few glasses of wine when we entertain. During my first pregnancy, I didn’t miss alcohol at all and thought maybe I would stop drinking forever (ha!). I was surprised how much I missed it this time around. It wasn’t until I was 25-weeks pregnant that I remember that Edinger makes a pretty good non-alcoholic beer. I’m more of a dry cider person but I do enjoy wheat beer so this was a nice alternative to LaCroix.


My mood during the second trimester

I was in such a great mood during the second trimester. Really anything was better than how I felt during the first trimester! I had a lot more energy so I didn’t have to nap and sleep for 9 hours a night. I could feel my baby moving around so I wasn’t overly worried about the baby’s health. I think I was a lot more relaxed than the first pregnancy.

I did have some anxiety when we travelled to Vancouver for my sister’s wedding. I was so worried about my son’s sleeping schedule, how much sleep I would get as a result of his sleep patterns, and how we would fit in his naps so he would be happy while visiting with everyone. I really worked myself into a state! Thankfully my best friend was there with her 5-month-old so we stressed together. I also took Rescue Remedy consistently for 2 days, I was able to chill out and stop driving everyone crazy. 

Sleeping experience during the second trimester

Sleep was pretty good during the second trimester. My belly was starting to grow so I tried to stop sleeping on my back. My midwife assured me that if it was cutting off the circulation to my baby or my own organs I would either naturally shift positions or wake up. I started sleeping with a pillow between my knees because my hips started to get sore during the night. The key for me was to switch sides whenever I woke up. I also started going to the bathroom once a night. It wasn’t too bad because I fell back asleep really quickly afterwards.


Second trimester pregnancy healthcare

During the second trimester we did an anatomy scan around 20 weeks to make sure everything was ok (and to determine the baby’s gender!). I learned that there is almost always something that comes up during the intensive anatomy scan. Technology is so advanced now, we almost get too much information.

With my son, his umbilical cord was attached to the side of the placenta. With this baby, I have a fatty heterogeneous placenta (or something like that). Both of these things mean that the flow of nutrients to the baby could be impacted.

When I received these results, I did what I knew I really shouldn’t do… I Google it. Of course, Google told me my baby was going to die and I started balling my eyes out. After a long and reassuring talk with my midwife, I felt much better about the situation. It just meant more monitoring to look for other flags, and at least one more ultrasound to make sure baby is growing.

My advice is DON’T GOOGLE ULTRASOUND results!!! Talk to your healthcare provider and trust that they would tell you if there is something you can do.

What I was happy to leave behind in the second trimester

I was happy to leave headaches behind in the second trimester. Around week 15, I started experiencing headaches whenever the weather and pressure changed. This happened during my first pregnancy as well so I had a ton of research on how to stop them. I share this is my book Healthy Holistic Pregnancy.

I was also happy to leave behind the reflux and shortness of breath that popped up near the end of the second trimester. My baby was sideways so there was a lot of pressure on my lungs and stomach. Once my baby flipped head down this quickly went away, although it could totally come back as baby gets bigger.

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