5 Calming Rituals to Help You Get Through a Stressful Day

We can all let stress get the best of us so today I’m happy to share a guest post that covers five calming rituals to help you get through a stressful day.

With many of us working longer hours than ever, it’s only natural that your stress levels can go through the roof. If you suffer from anxiety, performing the most basic tasks can seem like an impossible feat. If your anxiety is interfering with your day to day life, here are five calming rituals to help you get through a stressful day.

five calming rituals to help you get through a stressful day.

Rituals to Help You Get Through a Stressful Day

Go for a Morning Stroll

If a long day at the office awaits you, it’s important that you’re in the right mindset beforehand to ensure you can get through the day with ease. Instead of waking up at the last minute and rushing around to get ready, why not set your alarm an hour earlier and go for a morning stroll? Going outside and getting some fresh air in your lungs can help you feel calmer and more relaxed before your busy day ahead. Taking a short stroll around your neighbourhood can help you feel more alert and awake so you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Practice Yoga

While the thought of exercise may be the last thing on your mind before a stressful day ahead, you may not realize all the health benefits that yoga can bring. Practising yoga for just 15 minutes each day can help to improve your flexibility, posture, and strength. What’s more, yoga can change your brain chemistry, which can change your mood for the better, giving you a more positive outlook for the day ahead. Yoga can also aid weight loss, help you breathe better, and make you be more mindful.

Try Meditation

Whether you live alone or with others, finding a quiet space in your home to try some meditation can be another great calming ritual before a stressful day ahead. There are lots of health benefits that are linked with meditation, helping to reduce stress levels, control your anxiety, promote emotional health, and lengthen your attention span. Having some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life can make all the difference, so finding an area where you can zone out and relax can help set you up for whatever is on your daily agenda.

Deep Breathing Exercises

While meditation can be a great way to zone out and be at peace, deep breathing exercises can also help to decrease stress, relax your body and mind, and even help you sleep better. It’s important that you know how to breathe correctly, especially when it comes to your overall wellbeing. Deep breathing exercises are a great natural pain killer, they can help improve blood flow, improve your posture, and reduce inflammation.


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Going out for a morning stroll to get some fresh air, practising yoga to improve your posture, trying out meditation to zone out and be at peace, or doing deep breathing exercises to help decrease stress levels are just a few calming rituals to help you get through a stressful day.

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