3 Foods that Boost Milk Supply + 3 Foods that Reduce Milk Supply

This video is for all of you nursing mamas and mamas to be. I cover 3 foods that boost milk supply and 3 foods that decrease milk supply. To be honest, 2 of the foods aren’t really foods but they are so important I wanted to mention them.

Every mama-to-be wants the best for their growing baby. Sometimes it is hard to find reliable information on holistic and natural pregnancy practices. My book Healthy Holistic Pregnancy provides you with detailed information on the best foods to eat and key supplements to take to support your growing baby. It explains in detail which supplements and superfoods you may want to consider avoiding when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy can also come with many discomforts and symptoms; the good news is there is something you can do about it! Healthy Holistic Pregnancy provides natural solutions for over 27 common pregnancy symptoms. It has a bonus section on yoga and essential oils safety. It also contains 15 nourishing recipes that will take you through the first trimester and beyond.

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This video on 3 Foods that Boost Milk Supply + 3 Foods that Reduce Milk Supply was created for Nutridom Canada. I love Nutridom and partner with them frequently. The featured image for this post is by Luiza Braun on Unsplash.

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