Poached Eggs on Avocado Toast by Jesse Lane Wellness
Poached Eggs on Avocado Toast
Chocolate Almond Smoothie By Jesse Lane Wellness
Chocolate Almond Smoothie
Apple Cinnamon Quinoa by @jesselwellness #quinoa
Apple Cinnamon Quinoa
Baba Ganoush Quinoa Bowl by @jesselwellness #babaganoush
Baba Ganoush Quinoa Bowl
Peanut Butter Brownies for labour by @jesselwellness #laboranddelivery
Peanut Butter Brownies
Healthy Homemade Sesame Snaps square
Healthy Homemade Sesame Snaps
Banana Ice Cream by Jesse Lane Wellness
Banana Ice Cream
Moringa Granola Bars square
Moringa Snack Bars
Zesty Cilantro Dressing from Healthy Fresh Salads
Zesty Cilantro Dressing

My cookbooks are packed with practical healthy eating tips and lots of yummy recipes that are not on my website. I always use whole food ingredients that promote health and wellness. 

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