I experienced summer pregnancy twice and let me tell you, I was HOT all the time! Today’s guest post shares why you need AC if you have a summer pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be extremely challenging and make your life very difficult for nine months. But in the end, when you get to hold your baby in your arms for the first time, it all seems worth the trouble.

When you’re pregnant, many biochemical reactions are going on in your body as your unborn is slowly developing. That is why it’s entirely normal for you to feel much hotter while you’re pregnant than you usually would. Also, the humidity and high temperatures of the summer season can have a much more significant effect on a pregnant woman than everyone else.

Yet still, many pregnant women think that they need to be away from the AC or at least reduce its speed and increase the temperature. However, none of it is required.

In fact, you can check out these four reasons why your home needs to be properly air-conditioned while you are pregnant in the warmer months of the year.

Summer Pregnancy? Here's Why You Need Air Conditioning

You Need To Get Some Fresh Air

You might spend most of your time sitting around the house, or doing some small chores because going outside isn’t entirely comfortable, especially in the final trimester.

The air that you breathe in during your pregnancy can have a significant impact on you and your unborn’s health. If you don’t have proper air conditioning to keep the fresh air circulating, you might be
terribly affected.

You might also be prone to several health risks because of the heat and humidity.

Your Movement Gets Less

Since you might not be moving much throughout your pregnancy, you might gain some weight and experience some changes.

But since you might want to spend most of your time inside, you could try to walk around a little every now and then and asking your doctor about a few pregnancy exercises. There are so many ways to safely move your body and get exercise while pregnant. But be careful and have the AC on before you do anything.

That is why you need to find the best air conditioner for your home quickly. It may also be useful to look through other Miele Products and get some appliances, like dishwashers and vacuum cleaners, to do your chores more easily while still getting some movement.

Pregnancy Might Make You Sweaty and Uncomfortable

Its common knowledge that pregnant women put on weight during their pregnancy, and they also carry the weight of their unborn child. The weight they gain might be because of a lack of exercise and changes in diet, among other things.

Along with that comes a lower heat tolerance. You might feel sweatier than you usually are during these days of a year. The situation can be very irritating and uncomfortable without a good air conditioner to help you out.

Sleeping Might Be Very Difficult

There have been numerous studies on the relationship between sleep quality and pregnancy, and many researchers have found some negative results.

If you aren’t able to get proper sleep during your pregnancy, then you might face some complications. For instance, you could have an early birth, or your newborn might be underweight.

That is why you need to sleep comfortably in an air-conditioned room during your pregnancy.

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