Today I’m going to review the Stay Lean Tea 14 Day Detox Program. If you keep reading to the end, you can enter to win a Stay Lean Tea 14 Day Bestie Detox Program for you and a friend!

I love tea, I probably drink around 2 pots (yes pots, not cups!) every day. I’m literally drinking tea as I’m writing this post! Most of the time I enjoy herbal tea, but some mornings I will sip on green tea or indulge my new obsession with Earl Gray tea. I also really love the idea of drinking teas that are packed with herbs that help with detoxification.

Stay Lean Tea Review and Giveaway with @jesselwellness #tea #win

What is a Stay Lean Tea Detox?

Stay Lean Tea is an Australian company that creates teas that burn fat and detoxify the body. The ingredients used in the teas are 100% natural and they don’t add any laxatives which is great!

The main ingredient used is Longjing green leaf, aka dragon well tea.  Longjing green leaf contains vitamin C, amino acids and has one of the highest concentrations of catechins (a disease-fighting antioxidant) among teas.

Stay Lean Tea Review with @jesselwellness #tea #detox

The Stay Lean Tea 14 Day Detox helps to:

  • Give the metabolism a huge boost
  • Burn fat & excess calories while at rest
  • Suppress appetite over a sustained period of time
  • Remove toxins from the digestive tract
  • Enhance nutrient absorption
  • Reduce bloating and water retention
  • Increase energy levels and boost the immune system

Stay Lean Tea Review and Giveaway with @jesselwellness #tea #giveaway

Stay Lean Tea 14 Day Detox Program Review

Doing a Stay Lean Tea 14 Day Detox couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is drink a mug of Lean Burner Blend every morning and a mug of Lean Cleanse Blend every other afternoon. For someone who drinks a lot of tea like me, this was really easy to do.

I can’t say I lost weight on the Stay Lean Tea Detox because I don’t own a scale, but I did notice my poops were very consistent and well-formed (hehe) while I was on the detox. I also had a lot of energy. I really enjoyed the flavour of the Stay Lean teas, they were both really yummy and I looked forward to drinking them. I liked that they are packaged in fancy pyramid tea bags, I found them super convenient for enjoying tea on the go compared to loose leaf tea.

Stay Lean Tea Review and Giveaway with @jesselwellness #teatox #review

Stay Lean Tea 14 Day Bestie Detox Program Giveaway

Now it is your chance to win the Stay Lean Tea 14 Day Besties Detox Program! It is perfect for detoxing with a friend and includes 2 x 14 Day Detox Programs so you can detox together. This giveaway is valued at $64 AUD and is open to anyone worldwide until October 4th when a winner will be randomly drawn!

The giveaway is over but you can use coupon code “jesse33” to get 10% off your purchase!

PS If you enter by subscribing to my Newsletter, I will also share your email address with Stay Lea Tea.

PPS Today’s post is in partnership with Stay Lean Tea. Product opinions are always my own and I only review companies and brands that I truly believe in and love. If you are interested in sharing your product on email to get a copy of my product media package.



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