Third trimester pregnancy experience with baby number two

My third trimester pregnancy experience with baby number two was awesome. I did not want this pregnancy to end. Well, I did because I wanted to meet my baby and for my baby to be healthy, but I was enjoying pregnancy so much I was getting sad it was almost over.

I feel like I got so lucky with this pregnancy. I don’t know if it was because I knew so much more because of the research I put into my book Healthy Holistic Pregnancy, or if my body was just better equipped to handle pregnancy. It was probably a combination of the two. Either way, I was so grateful to have such a comfortable and easy pregnancy.


Have an awesome third trimester

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Third trimester bump

My bump got so much bigger this pregnancy than it did with my first! It was also super round and all in the front like I was smuggling a basketball. With my first, I always measured small, whereas I was right on track with this bump.

The challenge was dressing my bump. My son was due early September so I was able to get away with dresses right up until his due date. This baby was due a bit later and I didn’t have many maternity clothes for the fall. Thankfully my neighbour came to my rescue and lent me some leggings and t-shirts that I could wear with cardigans and scarfs to get me through the cooler weather.

third trimester pregnancy experience

Favourite things about my third trimester experience

I say it all the time but I just LOVED feeling my baby wiggle around in my belly. It is the most magical feeling and I know I’m really going to miss it. This baby was super active so I got lots and lots of wiggles and could really feel baby’s feet pushing against my belly.

I love having such a big a prominent bump. It made networking events so easy because people tend to be drawn to pregnant women and strike up a conversation with you. I am also grateful to the beautiful people who gave me a seat on public transit and crowded events.

Third trimester exercise

I finally started doing prenatal yoga classes midway through the third trimester. I wanted to start earlier but I didn’t realise how popular the classes are! They filled up a few weeks in advance. It felt really good to get back on my mat and to be able to do everything the teacher suggested. It was also really fun to chat with other expecting mamas.

I continued walking for about 2 hours a day with my son and my dog during the third trimester. It was a super slow walk because I can’t go very fast and Blue (my dog) stops to pee all the time. Walking is such great exercise because it is gentle and it encourages the baby to be head down. This baby was head down really early so I think the walking really helped.


Third trimester cravings

Food cravinsg weren’t super strong during the third trimester. I did eat a ton of coconut yogurt which I’m obsessed with. I also starting craving sugar a bit more and started enjoying a bit of dark chocolate every day during nap time (because I didn’t want to share with my son…).

Third trimester pregnancy experience mood

My mood was pretty good during the third trimester. Baby was head down around 30 weeks so I didn’t have to worry about that. My energy levels were great as well which makes a huge difference.  

My biggest worries were getting all of the work done around the house and in my business before my baby came. We moved a year ago but hadn’t really finished unpacking and organising the basement. We also had some painting we wanted to get done. My nesting instinct was going into overdrive! That being said we still don’t have a nursery for baby because we can plan to co-sleep for the first 6 months.

There were also work projects I needed to finish before baby arrived and I was convinced baby would arrive early. There were times when I let this stress get the best of me and I would find myself in tears (thank you pregnancy hormones). My husband reminded me to take my own advice and take rescue remedy on a daily basis which really helped.

Sleeping experience during the third trimester

Sleep during the third trimester was pretty much the same as the second trimester but a bit more uncomfortable. My hips started to ach halfway through the night so sometimes I would sit up in bed and do a butterfly stretch. I continued to sleep on my side with a pillow between my knees, one to hug, and one at my back. Maybe I should have just purchased one of those pregnancy pillows! Diffusing lavender at night was also helpful. I love the smell and it has calming and relaxing effects.

I started listening to the Hypnobirthing Rainbow relaxation before bed to help me fall asleep and turn off my brain. The more I listen to it, the faster I would fall asleep. I found this recording really helpful during labour the first time so I wanted to make sure I listened to it as much as possible leading up to this labour so it would have the same calming effect.


Third trimester healthcare

During my second trimester, I was told that there might be an issue with my placenta. Because of this, I had an ultrasound at 32-weeks. The third trimester ultrasound found that my placenta was TOTALLY NORMAL! This was quite a relief and I got all worried and worked up during the second trimester for nothing.

When the third trimester rolled around, I realised that I should probably start thinking about my birth plan and strategies. I dug out my Hypnobirthing books and started practising the breathing techniques and listening to the Rainbow Relaxation.

I started researching things to make my labour more comfortable. My plan was to have a water birth at the Toronto Birthing Center which means quite a bit of time in the car. During my first labour, the car ride was very uncomfortable so I researched how to make that more comfortable.

Here are some of the things I found to make labouring in the car easier:

  • Take rescue remedy before getting into the car
  • Diffuse lavender essential oils in the car
  • Play the Hypnobirthing relaxation (this worked well during my first labour)
  • Focus on calm breathing
  • Turn on the seat warmer (again a lifesaver during my first labour)
  • Ask the driver (aka my husband) to drive slowly and avoid bumps (wishful thinking, there so are many potholes!)
  • Keep the gas tank filled so you don’t have to stop for gas
  • Use a navigation system to tell you the fastest route
  • Have a water bottle

I also had back labour the first time around so decided to research ways to alleviate that pain. Back labour is severe pain in the lower back that persists and doesn’t stop between contraction. It is so challenging because you don’t get a break.

Here are some tips to help ease the pain of back labour:

  • Don’t lie on your back
  • Good positions include squatting, side-lying, hands and knees, lunges, rocking on an exercise ball, standing with the support of your partner or leaning against a counter
  • Switch positions frequently, every 5 contractions
  • Get your birthing partner to apply counter pressure on your sacrum or do a hip squeeze (this really helped during my first labour)
  • Use heat – A bath or shower can really help, or using a heating pack on your back
  • Use a cold compress if that feels better than heat, both encourage circulation
  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep moving – rock your hips on an exercise ball or walk around
  • Keep breathing and try to relax all of the muscles that are not need (like your jaw)

What I was happy to leave behind in the third trimester

I am excited to leave behind the feeling like I am moving so awkwardly. I’m constantly bending down to pick up toys from the floor and it got to the point where I was envious of how easily my husband could bend over and grab something. Don’t even get me started on putting shoes that aren’t slip ons.

I’m also looking forward to sleeping on my back or any position for that matter again.

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