The 10 Best Ideas for A Stress-Free 2021

Life is a lot right now. Not only are we dealing with a worldwide pandemic, but we’re also stressed out by our jobs, constantly living at home, and on top of everything, we still get our periods every month. Today I’m sharing a guest post with the 10 best ideas for a stress-free 2021.

Living in 2021 is stressful enough; we don’t want another version of 2020. There’s certainly hope in this new year, and as much as we’d like to live completely stress-free, the reality is that life is always going to have some stressors. But even though things come up, it doesn’t mean that we have to feel completely lost about anxieties and stress. We can first start to understand what stress is in order to combat it!

What exactly is Stress?

Stress can actually be a good thing at times. The body can’t necessarily distinguish between physical danger and mental stress. So when there’s physical danger, your body reacts with stress, telling you to be more alert. But circumstances, work problems, family issues, and PMS are also stressful and your body also reacts with stress.

What is happening exactly is the pituitary gland tries to help, releasing hormones that try to help you prepare to deal with the threat. These hormones make you more alert to the circumstances and your body telling you that there is danger. But at the same time, these stressors then affect our sleep, mood, and even our monthly menstrual cycle. The physical body is also attacked by the release of interleukins, which add inflammation, making you more vulnerable to getting sick.

10 Best Ideas for A Stress-Free 2021
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What causes Stress?

Stress can unfortunately impact all areas of life. There are some common sources of stress that most people experience, these are work stressors, family or relationship stressors, financial stressors, and of course physical stress whether that be from your menstrual cycle or the stress of exercise on your body.

Living with stress is something we all do, especially this past year and living in the midst of a pandemic, so it’s important to find ways to de-stress! Practice the tips below for a stress-free 2021.

Ideas for A Stress-Free 2021

1. Sleep Well

It’s recommended that you sleep eight hours a night, if you can, try to get all of those hours in, you’ll feel better, less sleepy during the day, less stressed, and your body will thank you. Why not get cosy pajamas? Take a relaxing bath and read a favourite book? Get relaxed so you can feel calmer at bedtime.

2. Exercise

Even just a 10-minute walk will do! A walk will help you clear your head and boost endorphins, which in turn helps to reduce those stress hormones. A walk really does clear your head! Biking, whether it’s on a stationary bike or around the city, it gives you a break during the day where you are just thinking about self-care, and how you can help your body!

3. Find Gratitude

Make a list of what you’re grateful for. Some days this might be harder than others, but you can always be grateful for the food on your table, a blanket you find particularly cosy, your friendships, or even just that great book you’re reading. When you start to catalogue the things in your life that make you happy, you’ll start to appreciate them more, and breathe a little easier.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Start to understand that we could be dealing with situations that aren’t in our control. It’s best in these situations to start to find strategies that can give us some level of control over the circumstances. Start by trying meditation, this helps you focus on the singular activity of breathing. These slow down your emotions and help you stop being quite as focused on that stressful situation.

5. Get Support

Reach out to others in your circle for support. Chances are, they might be feeling similar to you. But even if they’re not, your friends are there for you, your family wants you to be happy! Tell them about what you’re experiencing, and if you feel you need more support, turn to a therapist, they want to help you with your stress.

6. Keep a Journal

The process of writing down your feelings and emotions can help you to vent and manage your feelings. You can start to see patterns in your thoughts and also help you feel liberated by telling “someone” about how you’re feeling, as opposed to keeping it inside. You can also start to plan how to keep the stress away once you begin to see what really gets you down.

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8. Immerse Yourself in a Creative Outlet

When you’re stressed, try thinking about something else. You can try focusing on a project, whether that’s taking up knitting, learning how to play a musical instrument, or learning a new language. Start to focus on a new project and you’re thinking about something different.

9. Change Your Environment

Try changing up where you are in your house, we’re all working from home right now, so try sitting at the kitchen table for a while instead of your desk, or do a DIY project so you feel like you’re somewhere new! I just repainted my bathroom from grey to light pink, added a new rug and shower curtain from Ikea and it feels like a completely different and updated space!

10. Put on some Music

Music can take you to other places. When you need to relax you put on something different than when you want to dance. Why not try putting on one of your favourite tunes and just try not to smile!

Whatever you choose to do to keep your stress levels down, there are so many options you can now try, even while we’re in these crazy and unprecedented times. 2021 doesn’t have to be so stressful, we can find ways to keep calm and anxiety-free.

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