In times likes this when you can’t see your friends in person, it can be hard to get the support you need during pregnancy. Here is a guest post on how chat rooms can help.

Being pregnant for the first time can invoke some intense emotions. You might feel excited, happy, and even afraid. It’s ok to be afraid to have your first child. There are a lot of unknowns that come with pregnancy, and it’s no secret that the birth itself won’t exactly be comfortable. But you’re built to withstand it. You’re a soon-to-be mother!

During your pregnancy, you may have nowhere to turn for advice or to vent. Not everyone has the luxury of family or friends at their disposal, and a staggering number of mothers often spend their pregnancies alone. This can make the whole process even more terrifying, but luckily, there are plenty of online resources to help.

Online chat rooms are one such resource you can take advantage of during your first pregnancy. Let’s look at some of the ways they can help.

Answers To Hard Questions

Online chats are sometimes the best tools available to answer those difficult pregnancy questions like “Am I supposed to be throwing up?” and “What do I do if the father doesn’t want the baby?”

Sometimes, the advice of a mother, grandmother, or other family member seems outdated, or maybe you don’t want anyone to know you’re pregnant yet. Online chat rooms can offer an anonymous opportunity to share how you feel, ask the hard questions, and gain support from people who are going through it or already have.

Even online resources don’t always answer the most personal questions. Sure, there are plenty of resources for medical conditions you’ll experience while pregnant, how to set up your home to be pregnancy-friendly, and even what to expect from birth itself, but you have more personal questions that need an answer from an experienced mother or mother-to-be.

Support In Your Time Of Need

Whether you’re a single mother or with your partner, you’ll need some emotional support to handle pregnancy. It’s a tough journey full of emotional ups and downs, fear, doubt, and the ever-lingering question of “Did I make the right choice? Will I be a good mother?”

Even a partner can’t always provide the support you need. Let’s be honest, ladies, the guys simply can’t understand where we’re coming from. If you have a loving partner, he’ll try his best, but he’ll never quite hit that empathy because he can’t get pregnant himself. Don’t write-off your partner’s efforts, of course, but understand when you need the support of other women vs. when you need your partner.

An online chat group can provide you support for issues with your partner, as well. Pregnancy has a way fo complicating relationships in some cases, and some partners become angry or upset about the prospect of having a child. How can you feel loved and supported in an environment like that?


Sometimes, you don’t want answers, you don’t want guidance, you just want to scream. You want to unload your troubles until they feel less pressing. Online chat rooms are the perfect way to do so while retaining your anonymity and confidence. Don’t sweat it! You can vent about your relationship, your discomfort, or your fear safely in online chat rooms.

You may have nowhere else to turn to, and online chats are the only way you can safely get your feelings out without feeling too vulnerable. Or, maybe you just don’t want to tell anyone in your family or your spouse/partner that you’re truly afraid of motherhood. Confiding in strangers is more comforting than you think. You share anonymity, you don’t have to see each other face-to-face, and there’s no pressure. It’s just you and the screen and the usernames in the chat room.

They’re Always Available

It’s difficult to get help and guidance at three in the morning when you’re on your second night of no sleep. You don’t want to wake your partner, and your mother and sister are likely passed out. Where then, do you go? The problem will persist, and may very well keep you awake all night.

Chat rooms are (usually) available 24/7. It doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in or where you are in the world—there’s a chat room available for you when you need it.


Your first pregnancy can be a challenging and frightening time. There are a lot of factors that go into pregnancy, and so many variables apply to your relationship, the baby, and the birth itself. It’s ok to feel scared or overwhelmed during your pregnancy, but you need support in some form. If you feel you can’t talk to anyone you know or don’t want anyone to know you’re pregnant, an online chat room can be the answer.

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