Remote Lunch & Learns and Cooking Classes

I’m so excited to be offering remote lunch & learns and cooking classes. With everyone working from home, we are looking for ways to connect with each other. The best way to do this is through food and learning about ways to support our health and wellness.

I offer virtual corporate wellness seminars and cooking classes through Zoom. If you are interested in having me to speak remotely to your office, send this link to your boss and ask them to email me at for my current offerings.

Remote Cooking Classes

You are bored at home and looking to learn a new skill. Maybe you are cooking at home now more than ever. Virtual cooking classes are a fun way to cook in your own kitchen and connect over yummy food.

Remote Lunch & Learns

Want to boost your immune system and reduce your stress levels? My remote lunch and learns will show you how! I share practical tips and tricks that are accessible and easy to follow.

Send this link to your boss so I can speak to your office!

Jesse Lane Lee in the Kitchen - Try her Live Online Cooking Classes with @jesselwellness #cookingclass #cooking

My enthusiasm for healthy living is contagious and as such, I would love the opportunity to partner with your company to increase overall employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction while working from home.

I am an engaging speaker and share my knowledge of nutrition and healthy living in an enthusiastic manner. I offer my remote lunch & learns and virtual cooking classes through Zoom.

Learn more here.

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