Best Non-toxic Sunscreen Brands

I am always looking for good non-toxic sunscreen, so I decided to share a list of the best non-toxic sunscreen brands I have used this summer. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ, so it is really important to be mindful of what you are putting on it.

Best Non-toxic Sunscreen Brands by @jesselwellness #sunscreen #naturalbeauty

Although a little sun every day is a great way to get vitamin D, it is important to wear sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun for an extended period of time or when the rays are really intense. It is also important that you choose a non-toxic sunscreen because many of the sunscreens you find at the drug store contain ingredients that are hormone disruptors and can cause damage to the skin.

I like to buy non-toxic sunscreen to avoid nanoparticles, oxybenzone, parafum and other chemicals which are harmful to my skin and overall health. For more info on what to look for when buying sunscreen, check out the EWG Guide to Sunscreen.


Green Beaver Natural Mineral Sunscreen, SPF 40

Best Non-toxic Sunscreen Brands - Green Beaver @jesselwellness #sunscreen #greenbeaverChalky Residue: If your skin is dry it is not overly chalky but if your skin is wet when you apply it, it is really chalky

Waterproof: YES

Finish on Skin: Very sticky and shiny, kinda makes you look sweaty

Scent:  Kinda smells like food! I’m likely smelling the sunflower seed oil

Price:  $21.99 for 90ml

EWG Rating: 1

Main Takeaway: Cleanest non-toxic sunscreen I have found (certified organic, biodegradable and vegan) but doesn’t absorb very well.

Where to purchase:


Kiss My Face Natural Mineral Sunscreen with Hydresia, SPF 40

Best Non-toxic Sunscreen Brands - Kiss My Face @jesselwellness #sunscreen #kissmyfaceChalky Residue: None

Waterproof: Nope

Finish on Skin: Pretty good, mostly absorbs with little shine

Scent:  Not much, a little bit of a food smell

Price:  $20.99 for 88ml

EWG Rating: 2

Main Takeaway: Contains hydresia which is moisturising and absorbs into the skin fairly well, but it is not waterproof so be sure to reapply after swimming.

Where to purchase:


Alba Botanica Very Emollient Mineral Sunscreen, Sport, SPF 45

Best Non-toxic Sunscreen Brands - Alba Botanica @jesselwellness #sunscreen #albabotanicaChalky Residue: None

Waterproof: Very water resistant

Finish on Skin: Smooth and absorbs really well

Scent: None

Price:  $17.96 for 118ml

EWG Rating: 2

Main Takeaway: This is my favourite non-toxic sunscreen for a day at the beach, it absorbs into the skin like regular sunscreen and is somewhat waterproof.

Where to purchase: or


Andalou Naturals BB Oil Control Beauty Balm, Un-Tinted, SPF 30

Best Non-toxic Sunscreen BrandsChalky Residue: At first but blends well when massaged in

Waterproof: No

Finish on Skin: Matt finish

Scent: Citrusy

Price:  $20.48 for 58ml

EWG Rating: 1

Main Takeaway: I love this one as a daily face moisturizer because it contains fruit stem cell complex that apparently speeds up cellular renewal, who doesn’t want that!

Where to purchase: or

What is your favourite non-toxic sunscreen? I would love to hear about it in the comments section!

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  1. Barbara Weikel on July 31, 2015 at 6:56 pm

    I have been using Anthelios XL with Mexoral (sp?) by LaRoche -Posay. It is made in France. The FDA has not approved Mexoral so the US versions have a substitute for it….not sure if it is as good. It keeps me from getting marks on my face better than anything….also the extreme fluid version for the face is not at all irritating to my eyes. I wish it was easier to find the original from France. Dermatologists recommend it.

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