Stress Free Wedding Day

I have shared a couple of my wedding pictures on Instagram, but I know you want to see and hear more about our special day!

We wanted our wedding to be lots of fun so we decided to make it a cottage weekend celebration! Guests stayed in cozy cottages for the weekend so everyone had lots of time to socialise. We started the weekend with a bonfire on Friday night which was awesome because I got to say hi to almost everyone that night and didn’t have to worry about “making rounds” the day of.

Tips for a stress free wedding day

Here are a couple of things I did to have a stress free wedding day.

WARNING this is a really long post, I’m sorry!!!

Get a wedding planner

A while ago I asked my friend how she was doing on her wedding day. I was expecting an answer like “I’m so happy” but instead her response was “I’m so stressed out!”, then she ran off to put out a fire. I told myself right then that I did not want that type of wedding day experience.

Hiring a wedding planner sounds like a frivolous expense, but the best decision we made was to hire Elena (our wedding planner). Before the wedding she did all the heavy lifting and on the day of she dealt with everything. I didn’t have to make any decisions and got to be a guest at my wedding! Throughout the weekend everyone said I was the calmest bride they had ever seen.

Tips for a stress free wedding day by @jesselwellness #wedding #stress

Start the day with yoga

I am so lucky to have a Mom who is also an amazing yoga teacher! Doing yoga outside is one of my favourite things to do was amazing to have my Mom teach a class the morning of the wedding. It was so nice to move my body and get grounded before such an emotionally charged day.

Tips for a stress free wedding day by @jesselwellness #wedding #yoga

Release your emotion (before you get your makeup done)

I can get really emotional and I find crying is the best way to release overwhelming emotions, happy or sad. I was so overwhelmed with joy on our wedding day I felt like I was holding back a flood of emotions.

I didn’t want to feel like I was holding back all day so, before getting my makeup done, I went back to our cabin and full on balled my eyes out for 10 minutes.

Afterwards, I felt so much lighter. I still cried while I was walking down the aisle, reading vows and a million other times during the day, but they were cute little tears not crazy mascara running down your face cries and I didn’t feel like I was holding anything back.

Tips for a stress free wedding day by @jesselwellness #wedding

Bring you stress relief arsenal

No matter how carefully you plan, inevitably something is going to go “wrong”. For me, it was the weather. We were supposed to have a beautiful ceremony outside with the lake as the backdrop. It wasn’t raining right before the ceremony, so all of our guests were sitting outside waiting for the ceremony to start while watching these crazy dark rain clouds across the lake get closer and closer.

Behind the scenes, I was having my bridezilla moment because I had my heart set on an outside ceremony. The clouds were getting closer and the window for the outdoor ceremony was quickly closing. We couldn’t get started because key people were missing and my sisters had forgotten their flowers. I could feel my anxiety climbing and started freaking out!

I ended up taking Rescue Remedy, rubbing Stress Away essential oils on my pulse points and taking deep calming breaths. I managed to calm myself down right around the time the torrential downpour soaked the guests (which was actually pretty funny), the missing guests were found and my sisters returned with their flowers, drenched from the rain. Thanks to my stress relief arsenal I was laughing at the situation.

Tips for a stress free wedding day by @jesselwellness #wedding #rain

Be present

Sometimes you get caught up in the whirlwind, so it is important to stop to take it all in. We did this a lot, taking little moments throughout the day to pause, breath, look around and take it all in. I remember one moment when we were both doing this at dinner, looking over the guests with big silly grins on our faces.

Tips for a stress free wedding day by @jesselwellness #wedding #stressfree

Our wedding day was by far the best day of my life. It was emotional, joyous and so much fun! Nothing can quite describe the emotions you feel when you are marrying your best friend surrounded by everyone you love.

Tips for a stress free wedding day by @jesselwellness #wedding #weddingparty

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