7 Surprising Benefits of Antioxidants

The term antioxidants is a buzz word that gets thrown around a lot! This post shares 7 surprising benefits of antioxidants that you might not know.

Antioxidants are molecules that inhibit oxidation of another molecule. They fight off free radicals and cuts of your chances of contracting serious health ailments. With that said, we are going to describe some other benefits of antioxidants. 

1.  Fights off Heart Issues

Antioxidants do improve your heart health. Polyphenol antioxidants prevent cardiac issues. They prevent oxidation of fat and thus restrict limit internal inflammation. This inflammation often leads to cardiac diseases and diabetes.

If you like coffee instead of tea, then be careful with your roast. Light roasts have higher amounts of antioxidants than dark ones. If you believe you are at risk of heart health, then consult with your doctor.

2.  Fights of Neurological Issues

There is a connection between free radicals and mood disorders including depression and anxiety as well as Parkinson and Alzheimer. Antioxidants do help to fight of neuroinflammation caused by free radical damage. This is a precursor of neurodegenerative issues. As you cut off free radicals, antioxidants improve symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.

3.  Improves Your Defense System

If you want to give your immune system a boost, you need antioxidant supplements like AllimaxFree radicals are formed in your body as you work out. However, it’s a result of several different energy processes in your body.

It releases different enzymes to keep free radicals in control. Most antioxidants work as they quench free radicals and make room for extra electrons. It neutralizes the potentially harmful particles. This way, you add another protective layer to your body’s defense system. It helps to assure that your natural defense system doesn’t get overwhelmed.

4.  Helps Against Mental Effects of Aging

Antioxidants like Vitamin E and C are effective in defraying the effects of aging. It keeps you safe from memory loss. This helps improve your brain cells and their ability to maintain long term communication to lay the foundation of strong relationships.

5.  Slows Down Aging

As you get rid of free radicals, antioxidants slow down internal deterioration that comes with aging. It also helps with outward physical effects.  Antioxidants are known for reducing the signs of aging as they fight off wrinkles, thus preserving skin texture and restricting your susceptibility to sun damage.

6.  Keeps Food Safe from Rancidity

Foods with high unsaturated fat go rancid quickly thanks to oxidation from exposure in air. It leaves a bad smell and taste. It cuts off the nutritional value of the food.  Synthetic antioxidant keeps it from happening as it prevents oxidation.

It slows down the ripening in fruits and vegetable. It improves their natural concentration of antioxidants in conventional breeding and genetic engineering. This makes the produce stay ripe for longer.

7.  Improves Vision

Carotenoids are a pigment found on several fruits and vegetables. It protects the specimen against sun damage. When eaten, the carotenoids form Vitamin A in the body. It leaves a protective effect. Vitamin A regulates pigment produced by the retina. This protects your eye against sun damage while keeping your color vision and clear vision in low light.

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