Tips for an Easier Keto Diet

Since you guys are enjoying the posts I’m sharing on keto so much, I decided to share this guest post which is full of tips for an easier keto diet.

You have seen people getting great results from keto and you have decided to start too. With a keto diet, you are able to get started on a healthier lifestyle by changing the way you eat and correcting health issues. Many people have been able to shed inches off their waist. Below are some six tips that will go a long in helping you get started with the Keto diet.

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There are things you need to keep in mind when starting the keto diet, and they have been addressed below. When you follow this guide to keto, you will have an easier time sticking to your diet plan and ensuring everything is on track. They are very easy to follow.


When starting the diet, it can be a little challenging to think how eating more bacon and eggs for breakfast instead of cereals and tea will lead to weight loss and in most cases register healthier number if you are after the health benefit of a keto diet.

When you eat bacon and eggs in the morning for breakfast, it will fuel your body and you end up feeling fuller for longer when compared to unhealthy options such as cereals and doughnuts.

No Rice and Pasta

If you have been doing research on the keto diet, there is a good chance you know rice and pasta are some of the foods you need to remove from your diet. But you don’t have to stress out because there are options. There are many people following the low carb plan, and this is why cauliflower and Shirataki Pasta and Rice have become common. Another option that has become popular is spiralized zucchini. You can find them from your local store, or you can buy a spiralizer then make them at home.

Meal Plan for an Easier Keto Diet

Having a meal plan will help you succeed with the diet. You should plan out your lunch and dinner beforehand many days before so that you can follow the plan and not get the temptation to eat something else. When planning your meals, make sure you use only keto-friendly options. You can also freeze food.


Eat fat. This is not the one you add to your food when cooking. Eat fat as food. There are foods such as egg yolks, avocado’s, homemade mayo, grass-fed butter, olives, etc. that are rich in fat. Fat should account for 70-85% of the calories you consume daily.

Cut on Carbs

You will get into ketosis when you consume between 30 to 50 g net carbs. If you have severe insulin resistance, it becomes 20 total carbs.


Flour is another thing that you will need to remove from your recipe when following the keto diet. Just like pasta and rice, there are keto-friendly options. Use coconut flour or almond flour in place of regular flour. You will be able to get the same results when following your baking recipes. 90-second bread has become a favourite for many people because you can easily make using a microwave. There are many recipes you can follow to make delicious meals without the use of wheat flour.

You don’t have to go through a lot of frustration when getting started with keto. These tips will help you get started and stick to this diet. Once you start the diet, you will be able to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

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