Holiday Nutrition Guide

Holiday nutrition is something we all struggle with this time of year. Even though it is the holiday season, it doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want all the time. Sticking to a balanced diet and enjoy holiday treats mindfully is key.

If you are looking for some healthy holiday desserts, you will love the free eBook I created for you! It contains eight festive holiday recipes that you can enjoy guilt-free. These healthy holiday desserts are the perfect recipes to help spread holiday cheer without spreading diabetes. All of the recipes are free from refined sugar and most of them are gluten-free and dairy-free. Your family and friends will love them and will never guess they are healthy. It also contains easy and practical tips holiday nutrition.

Healthy Holiday Desserts by @jesselwellness #Christmas #Chanukah #Hanukkah

Last year I did a segment on CH Morning Live where I share my tips for healthy holiday nutrition and some great recipes to get you started. The segment on CH Morning Live air on November 23, 2016. Watch the segment here.

I also hosted a Healthy Eating Over the Holidays Webinar and the replay is still available. During the webinar, I share easy ways that you can stay healthy in the midst of all the holiday cheer. I provide healthy baking tips and explain how to enjoy the festive parties without feeling deprived. Watch it here.

Holiday Nutrition Guide by @jesselwellness #healthyholidays

Here is a fun infographic from Versus that provides you with holiday nutrition and acts as a general nutrition guide. It is very comprehensive and covers essential nutrients, their functions, and healthy nutrition.

Holiday nutrition by @jesselwellness #nutrition

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