Meet Jesse Lane


Meet Jesse Lane Schelew

Hi! My name is Jesse Lane Schelew and I am a cheerful Certified Nutritional Practitioner who connects with clients to create unique programs that will help transform their lives so they can feel amazing all the time. I treat clients with all sorts of complaints but I focus on digestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), food and seasonal allergies, candida, parasites, disordered eating, stress, adrenal fatigue, insomnia and joint/muscle pain. I was born and raised in the Maritimes so I’m an East Coast girl to the core; I love lobster, friendly people and get nostalgic over foggy weather.

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Jesse Lane Digestion IBS IBD Food Allergies CandidaParasites

I have struggled with IBS, digestive issues and food allergies on and off for most of my life, starting when I was a baby! In high school I cut red meat and pork out of my diet and my mom made me responsible for making sure I was getting enough protein. This was the start of my nutrition education and when I started to develop a joy for cooking and recipe creation. When I started university at Queen’s, my food allergies and digestive issues started sneaking back into my life. At one point my IBS was so bad that I had to scout out washrooms along my 10 minute walk to school. With the help of an amazing holistic practitioner I cleaned up my diet, avoided the foods I was allergic to and took supplements to successfully heal my leaky gut.

Jesse Lane Candida parasites sugar addiction

Being a sugar fiend runs in my family and I am no exception. I could eat sugar with every meal. Cake for breakfast? Yes please! As a result, I struggle with Candida, which is a yeast overgrowth in the gut. I know what it feels like to be seriously addicted to sweets and I can help you kick those nasty yeasty beasties to the curb along with your sugar cravings.

Jesse Lane Sugar free recipes candida parasites holistic recipes

I LOVE to cook, bake and create recipes. Over the past 15 years I have been on countless diets to heal my digestive issues and foods allergies. I have done it all and I promise that any diet I recommend to you is something I have personally tried and truly believe in. I love to create hypoallergenic recipes that work with even the most restrictive diets. I have dessert recipes for people avoiding all forms of sugar (hello stevia, my best friend!), cheesy recipes for people with lactose intolerance (thank you nutritional yeast) and baked goods for people avoiding gluten (three cheers for nut flour!).

Jesse Lane Stress destress adrenal fatigue sleep energy

I am a type A person and I have always strived for perfection in everything I do. When I decided to start my studies for Holistic Nutrition part time while still working my 9-5 job as a professional engineer, my stress levels were quickly elevated. School was demanding, work was demanding and I got really excited and put a lot of work into my blog (Out To Lunch Creations) and other holistic nutrition ventures. I felt like I was juggling way too many balls all at once and they were starting to fall. I started experiencing anxiety, panic attacks and IBS symptoms came back. I applied the information I was learning in school and was able to support my nervous system, balance my emotions and start to let go of my Type A personality.

Move your beautiful body with Jesse Lane Schelew

I believe that exercise should be something you look forward to and if you don’t then its time to shake it up and try something new. Yoga is truly my favourite form of exercise because it is grounding and can be an amazingly hard workout. I also love to be outside; I try to ditch transit and bike or walk to my destination whenever I can. I grew up as a dancer and trained and performed for twenty years. Dance is a wonderful form of expression and I always loved the thrill of performing in front of audiences. The skills I learned as a dancer up on stage have helped me become a vibrant public speaker.

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Jesse Lane